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Forsaken Lands LARP offers several playable nations, each with its own unique culture and history. The Khaldras serve as the overruling nation or empire and are portrayed by non-player characters (NPCs). These include:

  • The Olgari: Renowned for their archery skills and horsemanship, this nation is based on Mongolian horse riders.

  • The Minnorath: Placing great emphasis on individuality and creativity, this nation is based on Greek city-states.

  • The Yikori: Valuing honor, discipline, and martial prowess, this nation draws inspiration from Japanese samurai culture.

  • The Jormmu: Known for their fierce and skilled fighting abilities, this nation is based on Viking warriors.

  • The Wyveris: Chivalrous and loyal, this nation draws inspiration from medieval knights.

  • The Iblitas: Exceling in trade and cultural achievements, this nation is based on Middle Eastern nations.

These playable nations allow for a rich and immersive LARP experience, with each offering unique opportunities for players to explore and interact with the world of Forsaken Lands. Whether you're interested in mastering the art of the katana, engaging in fierce battles, or experiencing cultural events and activities, Forsaken Lands LARP has something for everyone. Join us and delve into the fascinating and intricate world of Forsaken Lands.

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