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The Yokiri Nation


People: Yokan


Lands: Yo’kann Uzu

Of all the nations Yo’kiri is often seen as the most peaceful, but when provoked the Yokan have a ferocious
side to them not to be trifled with. The Yokan wait patiently behind a red banner of the blossom. Death is
precious throughout Yo’kann Uzu. It is the eternal reward for a life given by the many petals of the elder

Mentor and student in all manner of living. Pass on what one has learnt. To harbour skillful knowledge is a
sin against the Yokan people. Only death has the power to halt the passing of it. Every blossom is sacred,
prophetic some say. With each falling of the bloom the Yokan are a step closer to the final death. When the
dams of the Bleed burst and oceans of blood flow.

The Yokan people hold the following five principles sacred;

Death has the final say, respect it always.

Respect those who have walked the lands longer than you, honour those who have used the steps wisely.

Prepare for the last blossom, when the petals fall, you will be ready.

Make ready your soul, when steel is needed, forge it from within.

Your weapon is an extension of your soul, treat it as such.

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