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The Jormuu Nation


People: Jormuun

Language: Jormuun

Lands: Fjordlands

A nation of hardy people, forged in the cold reaches of the frost bitten mountains in the north east. The
Jormuu respond to the call of the Horn behind a green banner of the neverending serpent. Death is closer to
the Jormuun than any other, for the very landscape they call home is harsh and unforgiving. The Fjordlands
are also fragmented, with the Bleed encroaching each day.
Every icy sunset and frozen sunrise is a blessing from the Serpent for the Jormuun. Defending the
homestead and pushing back the dangers they face has simply become a way of life. The mountains give
birth to the strength of the Jormuun and they harness it within their very souls.
Whether child or elder, all know the threat, all fight it, all die to it, but never will they bow to it. To be
Jormuun is to be the power of stone and storm. Bearing not only your might but those of your kith and kin
beside you.
A typically first into fray nation, there is little regard for lengthy politics among them. As much as they
won't shy away from scrapping with each other, the Jormuun will stand side by side until their last breath if
called upon.

The Jormuu are led by the High Jarl Arne Jotnarson and the High Shaman Ylva Ulfsdottir. Together
providing physical and spiritual prowess.

The Jormuun people hold the following five principles sacred;

Mercy is given once, never twice.

Our shoulders carry the mountains, the mountains carry us.

All are equal in the mouth of the serpent.

We shall not falter, we shall not tremble, we shall not break.

Hiding is for those who fear the sight of their own blood.

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