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The Wyveris Nation


People: Wyverns

Language: Wyvaran

Lands: Wyveria

A proud and stalwart nation found in the north west, seeking to bring order to the chaos that is the
Forsaken Lands. The Wyver stand behind a gold banner of the amphithere. When your heart is tested in the
shadow of the Bleed there are no better people to have at your side.
They will not yield in the face of threat, they will not dishonour their Monarchy. Nor will they allow those
weaker than them to face darkness alone. Strong castles of dark stone and iron clad defenders make sure
their people take another breath each dawn. Nobility is earned and kept through deed and action. The
Wyverns stand side by side as stalwart knights, in life and battle.
The Wyvaran people hold the following five principles sacred;

Prowess is a gift, do not use it sparingly.

Your blood for the Wyvern, the monarch and the nation.

Develop those less able, the Wyveris will thrive.

Bare no second thought for those not worthy.

Hold the Wyvern close and rise again.


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