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The Iblitas Nation


People: Iblitasi

Language: Iblitasi

Lands: Ibi’sul

A nation of spice and sand, the Iblitasi are born under the harsh unforgiving sun in the South West of the

Forsaken Lands. The Iblitasi stalk behind an orange banner of the twin suns. Stories claim that Iblitas is the

richest of the nations, hoarding oceans of gold and sun-kissed treasures. However, those who truly know

the Iblitasi know they do not see wealth when they look upon such things. And, as much as the tales tell of

riches, they also speak of life upon the dunes, surviving the scorching desert sands.

Cities are few and far between in Ibi’sul, but what jewels they are. Towering pillars of sandstone stretching

skyward over brightly coloured bizzares that brim with both opportunity and possibility.

For those who have the nerve, there is life beyond the cities. A nomadic life of risk and splendour. A

mystical place said to be full of creatures of magic and wishes, who’ll offer travellers their wildest dreams

for blood and souls. That and beasts unwilling to share their hunting grounds stalking the dunes and oases.

The Iblitas Nation are led by Shabanu Evalisia T’vas III, Queen of the Sands. Her High Vizir, Nazor keeps a

watchful eye over the goings on across Ibi’sul.

The Iblistasi people hold the following five principles sacred;

Wealth means more than just the coins in your hand.

Chosen family surpasses even that of blood, there is no greater loyalty to be found.


The gods are beyond our influence, they cannot be bargained with and should be le to their own will.


Honour your own hospitality, and that of others.


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