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The Olgari Nation


People:Olgari Striders

Language: Olgarian

Lands:Olgari Plains


A nation of fierce striders whose roars echo across the eastern plains. The Olgari ride behind a purple

banner of the horse. The spirits of great steeds hammer the ground beneath, bringing the thunder of the

spirit realm with them.

No walls are built upon the Olgari Plains, for nothing out paces an Olgarian’s steeds. They would never

gamble the souls of their families on walls and gates. That, and their souls are not made to be caged.

Tradition is everything to the Olgari. Break bread with someone and you are considered their friend, betray

them and there is no archon in any realm that will stop them seeking blood.

When you have travelled the plains, living off the land, aiding those that need it you may be visited by the

spirits of the great steeds. Show them respect and they will lead you to the sprawling tent cities, here you

will see the true hearts of the Olgari Striders

The Olgarian people hold the following five principles sacred;

Pride first.

All who contribute are welcome.

Do not become useless.

The ride across the grey fields should be embraced.

Mourn a Khan's passing without weapons drawn until the rising of the next sun, then crimson shall pour.


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