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The Minorath Nation


People: Minorathian


Lands: Myrmora

A strong nation in the South taught from a young age to withstand whatever punishment the Forsaken
Lands may throw at them. The Minorathians form behind a blue banner of the horned bull.
It is not enough to simply face the dangers of the Bleed. One must do so with glory in their hearts, forging
songs of heroism as they go. Inspiring ballads are told and told again at every fire the Minorathians find
themselves at. Whether travelling across Mymora or simply in the presence of a Minorathian, there is
always celebration nearby. Victory against their enemies, no matter how minor or great, is worth the raising
of a glass.
To take steps in the cities of the Minorathian’s is as walking each word of the greatest tales. In the home, in
the markets and in battle they will always find those moments worth telling. From their youngest to the
eldest, the Minorathians know how to live well, bathed in the light of the sun.
A typically brash nation, with a head first mentality o

en placing them at the spearhead of action. Despite
some divides between individual families, the Minorathian people stand strong together against any who
would threaten their nation.
The Minorathians are led by the mighty King Perdicas II. He is known for both his might and mind.
The Minorathian people hold the following five principles sacred;

Celebrate life at every opportunity, it is for living after all.

Educate your mind and strengthen your body, we will be the last to fade.

History is our beginning, remember it, expand it.

Attack and defend with both weapon and word, but most importantly with your heart.


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