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The Amperitus State

(None playable faction)

People: Amperiti

Language: Common

Lands: Khaldera

The ruling state of the Forsaken Lands. A bastion of faith, strength, magic, creation and knowledge. It is
within Khaldera that the Khaldras reside, casting their eye over all. It is here that the kinds of decisions are
made that can both raise nations up, and damn them down.

If by the blessings of the Amperitus Senate a person is allowed to walk the streets of Khaleth, the City of
Light, they will shed a tear in the presence of its overwhelming awe. Every structure is a work of
magnificence, every decoration filled with the light of the Khaldras.
To those that claim to have laid eyes upon the city, many have said it is the paradise they seek at life's end.
No nation holds rank within the Amperitus State, the word of the Khaldras is undeniable. Many tales across
the six nations speak of the end of days and they all vary except for one thing...
The Khaldras will stand with them and face the Forsaken.


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